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3/5/10Pcs Car Wash Microfiber Towel 30x30/60CM Car Cleaning Drying Cloth Hemming Car Care Cloth Detailing Car Wash Towel

3/5/10Pcs Car Wash Microfiber Towel 30x30/60CM Car Cleaning Drying Cloth Hemming Car Care Cloth Detailing Car Wash Towel

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Reduce signs of aging, such as wrinkles and face lines

🌼 Eliminate puffiness, especially around the eyes

🧊 Speed up functional recovery by promoting soft tissue healing



Brand Name: NoEnName_Null

Origin: Mainland China

Type: Multifunctional Towel

Size: 30*30/30*60cm

Choice: yes


Name: Car Microfiber Towel
Function: Car Cleaning,Windows Cleaning,Dishes Cleaning
Size: 30cmX30cm/30x60cm
Material: Fine soft polyester fiber
Package: 3/5/10 PCS Microfiber Towel
Features: Strong water absorption, easy to clean, non depilatory and non fading


The ultra-fine fiber thickened car wash towel has strong water absorption capacity, can effectively remove dirt, does not shed hair, does not fade, and has exquisite workmanship


FrostGlow is your ultimate skincare companion, a silicon cup designed for effortless facial sculpting and rejuvenation.

Fill it with water, freeze, and experience the refreshing sensation as you glide it over your cleansed skin.

Reduce puffiness, boost radiance, and elevate your
routine with this innovative, tech-driven beauty tool.

Discover the transformative power of FrostGlow – where simplicity meets radiant

how it works

Fill and Freeze: Pour water into the silicone cup and freeze it completely.

Glide on Skin: Once frozen, gently glide FrostGlow over cleansed skin in the morning for an instant relief, reducing puffiness.

Serum Companion: Enhance absorption by pairing FrostGlow with your preferred serums, maximizing their effectiveness.

Personalized Routine: Implement FrostGlow in your daily and nighttime routine.

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Jumpstart a Healthy Skin Glow

Cryotherapy at the comfort of your home

One of the most important benefits FrostGlow can provide is stimulating collagen production.
Collagen helps to make tissues strong and resilient, able to withstand stretching.

Skincare experts will try to sell you expensive methods to restore collagen production, *News flash* most of them don't work.
FrostGlow is your all natural little helper. Use it wisely ;)

Freeze Those Zits, pronto!

Unlike many costly skincare products filled with potentially harsh chemicals,
FrostGlow provides a natural and eco-friendly solution.

Transforms your skincare routine,
delivering noticeable improvements from day one to day ten.

Chill Angry Breakouts

While the underlying cause of blemishes and cystic acne is bacteria, a dose of chill can help relieve pain and decrease inflammation by constricting the blood vessels.
The trick is to dissolve an aspirin into warm water before freezing wiht FrostGlow, as the acetylsalicylic acid helps to dry up breakouts.
This stimulates circulation, allowing the body’s immune system to calm down and clear out blemishes and cysts

Your skin may be damaged, it's NOT YOUR FAULT

Your skin may be damaged, but it's not your fault. Many skincare products on the market contain harsh chemicals that can wreak havoc on your skin, leaving it irritated and vulnerable.

FrostGlow offers a natural and eco-friendly alternative, so you can nurture your skin
without worrying about harmful ingredients.

Before & Afters

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  • Puffiness? Not Today!


    FrostGlow made my tired eyes disappear! The ultimate solution for a fresh and awake look.

  • Dark Circles, Bye-Bye!


    Thanks to FrostGlow, my dark circles are history! Effortless brightening for a rejuvenated gaze.

  • Glow Up Those Eyes!

    FrostGlow's magic erased my eye bags, leaving me with radiant and refreshed eyes. Sparkle on!

  • Dull Skin? Not on Our Watch!


    FrostGlow's got your back against dullness – say goodbye to lackluster skin with a daily dose of radiance!

  • Glow Like a Goddess

    Unleash your inner goddess and radiate with FrostGlow's enchanting touch. Glow like a goddess, every day.

  • Cool Skin, Warm Fingers!


    Keep your skin cool without freezing your fingers. Ice for your face, warmth for your hands!

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Statistics speak for themselves

  • 90% saw reduced puffiness, affirming our skincare solution's effectiveness.

  • 87% saw enhanced radiance, confirming our skincare's efficacy.

  • 80% noted fewer fine lines, showcasing our solution's transformation.

Mix Ice with your favorite fruit or flower.

Easier than ever before mix your favorite fruit or flower with ice for your skincare routine.

-Rose water
-Coconut milk
-Aloe vera

Icy Vibes, Glowing Skin

Cool vibes, hot skin. Say bye to puffiness, hello to skin glow with our ice massage magic. It's not just skincare, it's a whole mood. Get your FrostGlow on.


FAQ Section

How often should I use the ice massage cups?

For optimal results, use the ice massage cups 2-3 times a week or as part of your skincare routine.

Are the ice massage cups suitable for all skin types?

Yes, the ice massage cups are suitable for all skin types, providing a refreshing experience for various skincare needs.

How long should I leave the ice massage cups in the freezer?

To ensure they're adequately frozen, leave the cups in the freezer for at least 4 hours before use.

Can the ice massage cups help reduce puffiness around the eyes?

Absolutely! The cups are designed to reduce puffiness, especially around the eyes and facial areas.

What is the recommended temperature for the cold therapy?

The cups provide effective cold therapy at freezing temperatures, typically around -20℃.

Can I use the ice massage cups with skincare products?

Yes, you can enhance the experience by applying your favorite skincare products before using the ice massage cups.